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How To Install Concrete Steps

Installing Concrete Steps:

If your concrete step in in a truck bed, or trailer, here are some tips to remove the steps and install them correctly.

  1. Take a shovel or similar tool and pry the step up just enough to put a 1/2″ – 1″ PVC pipe underneath (PVC approximately 6-8″ in length). Do this for all four corners, putting the PVC about 12″ or more from the ends of the steps (to allow the steps to roll).
  2. Lower tailgate down (If the steps are on a trailer, lower the gate). Then roll the steps to the edge of the tailgate/ramp enough so that you can safely lean the steps down to the ground.
  3. Two people can generally roll the steps off the truck/trailer, standing to the side of the steps (NEVER IN FRONT). Slide the steps down until the steps touch the ground, then tip the steps into an upright position, away from the truck/trailer.
  4. Place a 2×4 piece of wood under the steps to allow the use of a dolly, so that you can transport the steps to the desired location.
  5. Once the steps are near the location that they are to be placed, lower the dolly to the ground, with 1-2″ PVC pipe underneath to allow for rolling the steps to the correct position.
  6. When the steps are in the proper location, pry the steps up enough to remove the PVC pipe on both sides. Once this is done you can check for levelness and adjust as necessary.