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Polymeric Sand Installation

5 Steps for a Successful Polymeric Sand Installation
  1. Sweep – Using a push broom, sweep product so as to fill joint completely.
  2. Compact – Pass a plate vibrator over the entire surface.
  3. Blow – Remove all sand residue with a leaf blower.
  4. Shower – Set spray nozzle to “shower” and wet 200 sq. ft. for 30 seconds, twice.
  5. Blow Again – Use a blower to blow the excess water off and help prevent white haze.



  • Never sweep Polymeric Sand over damp pavers.
  • Never wet joints prior to removing Polymeric Sand residue from the surface.
  • Never use a fine mist to wet Polymeric Sand.


  • Always ensure pavers are dry before sweeping Polymeric Sand over them.
  • Always remove all Polymeric Sand residue prior to wetting the joints. A leaf blower works best.
  • Always set the water hose nozzle to “Shower”. Wait only a few seconds before wetting the surface again.