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Concrete Products (Patio, Wall, Paver) Usage and Care

General Tips

The following tips should help you keep your paving looking at its best for longer. Please note that although sometimes unsightly, blemishes or stains are unlikely to affect the performance of the paving in any way. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when using cleaning equipment or materials.

Before using any cleaning materials, consult your dealer to recommend an appropriate product.

Test a small area before cleaning the patio.

Do not use salt to de-ice your patio.

Dark patches are due to different weathering and exaggerated by efflorescence. As with efflorescence, the dark patches will generally disappear in time.
Pressure washers can be used to clean the patio. Do not pressure wash too strongly as you may damage the surface of the paving.

Fungal and algae growths can be cleared by spraying with fungicide.
Regular washing and brushing should be adequate to maintain your patio.
If using patio cleaner, use sparingly (once or twice during the lifetime of the patio) as this my affect durability.

Sealants can and should be used, but they can affect the color of the paving. We believe Surebond products are undoubtedly the best in the industry and they are available from Bell in a variety of types.

Bowland Stone paving can be use indoors.

All concrete products may suffer the temporary phenomenon of efflorescence, this is not detrimental to the product performance and Bowland Stone cannot be responsible for its occurrence. This will generally clear with time and patio cleaner can help.
Find out more on our efflorescence fact sheet.

Due to the phenomenon of differential curing, slight color and shade variations do occur in individual pigmented concrete products. Site conditions, seasonal manufacture, or naturally occurring variations in the aggregates used can also cause variations. This is generally considered to enhance the natural stone effect and the colors will invariably weather together in time.

In respect of this, it is suggested that when laying Bowland Stone, pavers are ordered as a total batch and drawn from several pallets at the same time to blend any color variation. Choice of colors should be made from actual materials, rather than the color photographs herein.

Just as natural stone, the appearance of concrete products will weather and change, especially after a period of time exposed to the elements.

Bowland paving is manufactured to capture the authenticity of natural slabs and as such they do vary in thickness. All sizes are nominal and customers should check with their supplier. Fissures can occur on larger individual slabs as natural results of shrinkage, this does not alter the durability of the product.

Liability, in respect of any statements, conditions, warranties and representations, made on behalf of Bowland Stone, is limited in accordance with the terms set out in the Standard Conditions of Sale. While every effort is made to give sound advice, Bowland Stone cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury sustained as a result of following it. Bowland Stone, and Bell Concrete Industries, Inc bears no responsibility or liability for products being used for any purposes other than those for which they were intended by the manufacturers. Due to our continuous evolution of product design and improvement our range is subject to change without notice. Customers should check that information is up to date.

Seasonal Variations
Should a product reach you in an unsatisfactory condition, and other than a naturally occurring one as described above, the defect would have to be apparent prior to laying. It is at this point that Bell should be notified of such a fault, allowing time for the rejected product to be replaced. If the complaint is raised after laying the product, no responsibility will be accepted for any relaying or removing costs.