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How To Install Veneer Stone

Manufactured Stone Installation:

To Existing wood frame:

Any existing wall surface made of wood material must be covered with wire mesh (lathe) (backed with a felt paper on exterior applications). Felt paper must overlap 2″ on horizontal joints, and 6″ on vertical joints.
Nail the wire mesh every 6″ on center (into studs).

To Masonry:

Manufactured stone may be applied directly to any masonry wall, provided the surface is clean and unpainted/sealed.

1) Install Wire Mesh (if applicable)

Wire mesh measures 27″ x 96″ and should be installed horizontally. The wire “diamonds” should be turned upwards in order to catch and hold the mortar. Run your hand down the the mesh from top to bottom. It should feel fairly smooth going down and very rough coming up. Nail/screw the mesh making sure that the nail/screw goes into the wall surface at least 1″.
Nails/screws should be placed every 6″. Keep mesh flat against the wall with no sags or bulges. Trim excess mesh with wire snips.

2) Apply Scratch Coat

When selecting the scratch coat method, mix the mortar (Type S preferred) as directed on bag, and spread on mesh to completely cover the surface. The scratch coat will provide a rigid backing and assure a firm bond of the manufactured stone.

3) Position The Stones

If an outside corner is involved, the corner pieces should be installed first. Once the corners are installed, work away from the corners using regular stones. To install the stones, apply about 1/2″ of mortar to the back of the stone, so it “cones up” in the center. Press the stone firmly against the wall and wiggle it to spread the mortar. If the mortar is the right consistency, the stone will stay in place. Adjust the mix if necessary. Use a clean wet sponge to clean any excess mortar from the face of the stone.

4) Mix Grout and Fill Joints (if necessary)

To fill the joints (if applicable), use a grout bag half filled with mortar, and squeeze mortar into joints. A coloring additive may be added to the grout/mortar if colored joints are desired. Simply mix the coloring into the mortar when mixing.

5) Finish the Joints

When the grout begins to firm, use a wooden stick or trowel to level out the joints and fill any gaps. When done, the joints can be swept with a small broom to create a uniform finish.