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Bowland Stone

Nearly twenty years ago, three independent concrete manufacturing companies, located around the UK, created the brand Bowland Stone. Based in Hull, Manchester, and Bristol, these companies have continually updated the Bowland Stone line with new products, designs, and colors. Bowland Stone is a byword for consistent beauty, quality and reliability.

Thanks to Bell Concrete Industries, this product line is now available in the United States. We are the sole U.S. manufacturer of Bowland Stone, selling these products through brick and garden centers, building retailers, landscape architects and professional installers.

Bowland Stone pavers made out of 4,000 p.s.i., air-entrained concrete with integral colouring.

Cathedral Paving

A distinct, rough-hewn texture

The Cathedral range has a distinct rough-hewn texture that is blended into a classic Weathered Moss color.

*12″ x 12″ *15 lbs. 78 per pallet 1,170 lbs. or 78 sq. ft. per pallet
*18″ x 18″ 38 lbs. each 50 per pallet 1,900 lbs. or 112 sq. ft. per pallet

Windsor Paving

Smooth edged paving with a lightly textured surface.

Windsor Paving is a smooth edged paving with a lightly textured surface synonymous with genuine York Stone. It has been succcessfully used to create delightful garden features for many years, and is still popular today. Available in a natural Portland Grey, rich Honeystone, or Limestone Yorkstone color.

*12″ x 12″ 16 lbs. each 87 per pallet 1,392 lbs. or 87 sq. ft. per pallet
*18″ x 18″ 39 lbs. each 54 per pallet 2,106 lbs. or 121 sq. ft. per pallet

Available in a natural Portland Grey color.

*24″ x 24″ 66 lbs. each 52 per pallet 3,432 lbs. or 208 sq. ft. per pallet
*18″ Hexagon 29 lbs. each 54 per pallet 1,566 lbs. or 100 sq. ft. per pallet
*16″ Round Pathwinder 21 lbs. each 84 per pallet 1,764 lbs. or 105 sq. ft. per pallet

Japanese Stepping Stones

A variety of shades and irregular designs.

Stepping Stones have been used in gardens in the far east for thousands of years. A little imagination and soon you will be navigating your own garden with ease. Available in Barley and Limestone/Yorkstone.

*13″ x 19″ 20 lbs. each 52 per pallet 1,040 lbs. or 89 sq. ft. per pallet

Available in Limestone/Yorkstone.

*Random 32 lbs. each 52 per pallet 1,664 lbs. or 115 sq. ft. per pallet


Meadow Coping/Edging

A natural finishing touch for your garden.

Edgings not only keep your beds, soil, and gravel in place, they can also help define areas of your garden and create pathways. Available in Limestone Yorkstone.

*17 1/4″ L x 3 3/4″ W x 3 1/4″ H 16 lbs. each 120 per pallet, 1920 lbs.

Lakeland Edging

Limestone Yorkstone color

*17 1/4″ L x 5 1/2″ W x 3 1/4″ H 28 lbs. each 60 per pallet, 1,680 lbs.