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Redi-Rock® is the leading Precast Modular Block earth retention system in the world with a focus toward building taller gravity walls. Our integrated wall solutions feature the use of giant concrete blocks (1,000 – 4,900 lb/block) that can be used as a stand alone gravity, reinforced, freestanding wall or integrate multiple options within a single hybrid wall for use in site development, government, transportation, water, and related applications. Our products use wet cast, first purpose concrete for longer lifespan performance. We offer technical engineering support, construction details, preliminary wall designs and x-sections and several different block face textures.

Retaining Walls

Redi-Rock is no longer just giant blocks to build tall gravity walls like when launched in 2000. Now, gravity, MSE/Reinforced and hybrid walls come together to create optimized solutions with aesthetically pleasing face textures. Available face textures are Ledgestone, Cobblestone and Split Limestone.

Redi-Rock Retaining Wall Series

Freestanding Walls

Redi-Rock Freestanding walls are made of massive precast blocks that are textured on both sides for above-ground walls.

Redi-Rock Freestanding walls are popular for use as barrier walls, benches, and seat walls, and can also be reinforced to use as roadway or parking barriers.


Redi-Rock Columns are built using Redi-Rock Column blocks, which measure two feet wide by two feet deep by 18 in. tall and weigh about 700 lbs. each. These blocks can build Columns up to 6 ft. high.

Redi-Rock columns coordinate with the rest of the Redi-Rock line, allowing you to accent your Redi-Rock walls. Columns install fast and are an economical alternative to natural stone columns and look just as good.

In addition, you can coordinate signs, fencing, lighting and other features with your Redi-Rock columns to create a complete landscaping solution for your project.

Steps and Caps

Staircases built of natural stone slabs look great—but anyone who’s ever built one can tell you they’re a costly and time consuming to install due to the inconsistent properties of natural stone.

Redi-Rock Steps line solves this problem by providing a 700 lb. step that looks like rock, but has dimensional consistency that makes it easy to install. In addition, Redi-Rock’s consistent rise meets building codes.

If you’re looking for a high end staircase to stand alone or coordinate with your Redi-Rock project, our step collection is an ideal solution.

Redi-Rock Caps are the perfect option for giving Redi-Rock Retaining Walls, Freestanding Walls or Columns a finished look. Like other Redi-Rock products, Redi-Rock Cap blocks are massive—which means they will not be easily moved by vandals.